Green­house Emis­sions in 2 Passive Plus Houses with 2 Energy Systems

By Søren Dietz

To reduce green­house gas by 70% in 2030 a new max. emis­sion for buil­dings will be imple­men­ted in Denmark. In 2023 a limi­ta­tion for buil­dings is propo­sed to be 8 kg CO2e/m2 per year and in 2029 a limit of 5 kg CO2e/m2 per year. A life­cycle analyse (LCA) accor­ding to EN 15978 has to be made with the life­cycle fases A1-A3, A4-A5, B4, B6, C3, C4, cove­ring all emis­sions from “Cradle to grave”. In Denmark the LCA tool that has to be used to docu­ment the total emis­sions is “LCAbyg”.

In this Paper LCA calcu­la­tions are done by using LCAbyg based on 2 diffe­rent mate­rial data to analyse how this can influ­ence total emis­sion results. The data used are: 1) the gene­ric mate­rial data and 2) by using EPD mate­rial product data.