As architects we have a huge responsibility when creating design that facilitate life. It really matters.
That's why we at BJERG are ambitious and geeky; obsessed with creating buildings with added value. For us it is ideal if we can help create both joy and added value: aesthetically, green and financially.


First movers

At BJERG, we are proud to have pioneered sustain­able and energy-effi­cient archi­tec­ture. Already 20 years ago we met the energy require­ments that the build­ing regu­la­tions now require, and today we actu­ally have several completed build­ings that meet the CO2 require­ments, which will only come into force in ten years.

Our latest project “Fjor­dudsigten” where the resi­dents have moved in in Octo­ber 2021, is self-suffi­cient and has a CO2 foot­print of only 3.1 kg/CO2/m2/year. For compar­i­son, the require­ments in 2023 are 12 kg.

Our approach 1 | Bjerg Arkitektur
Our approach 3 | Bjerg Arkitektur


We create places where people say: “it’s nice to be here”. 

Whether we're designing for small children in a kindergarten or developing an apartment complex for 100 families, it's for us all about making things uncomplicated and nice.

Aesthetics is the energy that drives us forward. Those we work with say that we are good at creating the simple, that which works well and is beautiful at the same time. We are very pleased to hear that.

“We think we succeed because we are both good
at rethink­ing and because
we put a large part of our work into
inves­ti­gat­ing things thor­oughly.
Other­wise, we would never have become so

good at sustain­abil­ity.​​​​
We have been in busi­ness for 35 years!”

- Kjeld Bjerg, CEO and founder

Our approach 5 | Bjerg Arkitektur

We create build­ings in balance

Our work is founded on four values:

- Aesthet­ics for inspi­ra­tion and joy of life.
- Well-being for the people who live in the facil­i­tates we create.
- Healthy finances in the projects which give us econ­omy for sustain­abil­ity.
- Climate as the stable foun­da­tion for BJERG’s think­ing and choices.

Our approach 7 | Bjerg Arkitektur


80 percent of our projects are ultra low energy — and we are moving towards 100.

BJERG is a frontrunner. With many years of experience and employees who are skilled researchers in the field, we have built up specialist knowledge within sustainable architecture. Energy-optimized construction is a topic near to our heart, and has been our regular working method for 20 years.

Today, most of our projects are there­fore so-called ‘passive houses’,

which can be equated with ultra-low energy.
Here we are utilizing the sun's natural energy which means that we can both renovate to an energy saving of 90% and create new self-sufficient buildings with a CO2 footprint as low as 3,1 kg CO2/m2/year. In our work, we are very much inspired by the mantra:

“The most sustain­able energy is the one we don’t use” 


20 years ago we allowed ourselves to ‘brag in a humble Jutland way’ by putting a small green line in the right corner of our logo. Today, there is almost noth­ing that is not green.

When we at BJERG talk green, it means both taking into account a small family that comes with their moving luggage — and it also means that we must act wisely on behalf of the entire planet. The construc­tion indus­try accounts for a big part of the world’s CO2 emis­sions. We are well aware of this and we know our responsibility.

So it do matter where that line is drawn.

Our approach 9 | Bjerg Arkitektur


At BJERG sustain­abil­ity is our great moti­va­tion — not our obsta­cle. We have the luxury of work­ing with what we are passion­ate about: Passive houses, energy reduc­tion, respon­si­ble choice of mate­ri­als, sustain­able docu­men­ta­tion, total econ­omy, nature restora­tion and much more. We have asso­ci­ated skilled researchers who provide us with the latest knowl­edge. Because we need it!