Tornby, Nordjylland



You can almost hear the North Sea roaring, feel the straw of the dunes and sense the fresh air.

On the West Jutland coast in Tornby near Hjørring is the "Dyrestien" (the animal track). A modern and inviting wooden summer house in the most beautiful surroundings.

The house appears as a simple, minimalist building body with very few high-quality materials. Facades and roof are clad in cedar wood, which is untreated and patinas in shades of black and silver grey. Since the roof is also covered with the same material as the facades, a fifth facade is created, which makes the building appear clean in its expression.

The house is built on a hilly plot, which provides an exciting counterpoint to the house's sharp lines. Together, it makes the summer house ooze with peace.

Dyrestien 1 | Bjerg Arkitektur

The summer house received Hjør­ring Munic­i­pal­i­ty’s Archi­tec­ture Award in 2015. The reason­ing reads:

“A new, modern summer house, which stands out with a very strict and period-typi­cal archi­tec­ture, and which fits perfectly into the karst dune land­scape, both in dispo­si­tion and in mate­ri­al­ity. The house is orderly, mini­mal­is­tic and consis­tently completed in a few well-chosen mate­ri­als and with fine details both outside and inside”.

Dyrestien 3 | Bjerg Arkitektur
Situ­a­tional plan

Dyrestien’s basic concept is based on two room wings and a middle section with a large kitchen and dining room.
Living room and covered terrace are located towards the view, so it can be enjoyed regard­less of the weather. And from the kitchen area there is access to a screened outdoor living area. The natural dunes and the outhouse form the entrance help to create shel­ter. The summer house has several deli­cious customized solu­tions – such as skylights, an outdoor bath and a large terrace.

When you step inside the summer house, you are instantly drawn by the fantas­tic unob­structed sea view. Thru the large window sections that fill the entire end wall in the living room, the land­scape comes up close to the build­ing, so that inside and outside are integrated.

Dyrestien 5 | Bjerg Arkitektur

Dyrestien 7 | Bjerg Arkitektur
Dyrestien 9 | Bjerg Arkitektur

Responsible construction

Dyrestien 11 | Bjerg Arkitektur
Dyrestien 13 | Bjerg Arkitektur

Mark Krebs

“At the office, the focus is on design­ing
aesthet­ics with empha­sis on ethics. In other words do
we create beau­ti­ful archi­tec­ture that is also envi­ron­men­tally friendly
justi­fi­ably. ”Dyrestien” is built based on
the Passive House prin­ci­ples, where the energy require­ment
is signif­i­cantly reduced. The owners get a well-insu­lated, dense
summer house with low energy costs and an ideal
indoor climate.”

Mark Krebs, architect

The central room of the house appears bright
and kindly with with ceil­ing to kip, which
provides air and volume. The room is
illu­mi­nated from east to west. A skylight
is installed in the roof, which provides
good light from the east.

Dyrestien 16 | Bjerg Arkitektur
Dyrestien 18 | Bjerg Arkitektur