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Green Instruments

From dark and worn office facilities to bright and healthy surroundings. Green Instruments needed a new main building and remodeling of their headquarters in Brønderslev. As a total consultant, BJERG has designed more modern and energy-optimized office spaces. The extension is designed according to the passive house principles with a compact two-level building. With a large south-facing glass facade, the employees are guaranteed daylight and the passive solar heat is utilized for heating. The glass facade also allows employees and guests to enjoy the view of the open country to the south.

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“As a passive house, we expect that the office will contribute to the opti­miza­tion of energy and create a comfort­able and reward­ing result for both employ­ees and the climate. We also expect that the new admin­is­tra­tion build­ing will contribute to cement­ing Green Instru­ments’ pres­ence in the local commu­nity,” says Green Instru­ments’ direc­tor, Oluf Sigh. 

The new exten­sion with an open office envi­ron­ment acts as a busi­ness card for the company by allow­ing the company to be much more visi­ble from the road to the south. In addi­tion to being on two levels, the new exten­sion visu­ally differs from the other build­ings, which house produc­tion and stor­age, by having eter­nit-clad facades. The new main entrance is marked in cladding with a darker facade plate.

In the exten­sion, empha­sis has been placed on fitting the new build­ing in with the other build­ings, while at the same time visu­ally clar­i­fy­ing the divi­sion between admin­is­tra­tion and produc­tion to visi­tors in particular.

BJERG Archi­tec­ture has, as total advi­sor, i.a. respon­si­ble for energy design, calcu­la­tions, mate­r­ial selec­tion, plan­ning in collab­o­ra­tion with contrac­tors and supervision.

“The coop­er­a­tion with BJERG Archi­tec­ture has been extremely satis­fy­ing to date. BJERG Archi­tec­ture has been coop­er­a­tive in all aspects, listened to our needs and objec­tions, and taken the wishes of all employ­ees into consid­er­a­tion,” says Oluf Sigh. 

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