EUC Nord

Denmark's first passive house school








EUC Nord

The exten­sion to EUC Nord with HTX facil­i­ties has been built as Denmark’s first passive house school. Initially, for project start-up, we demon­strated via total economic calcu­la­tions that the exten­sion could be built accord­ing to passive house prin­ci­ples within the frame­work amount due to the large oper­at­ing savings.

In the archi­tec­tural design, work has been done with three volumes, which together contain six teach­ing rooms. One of the rooms can be divided, which allows flex­i­ble use of the rooms. The common areas are located between the teach­ing rooms. The common areas have been designed so that they can be used during classes as well as during breaks. From each class­room, there are high windows facing hall­ways to opti­mize daylight in hall­ways, which are also equipped with skylights oriented to the south to opti­mize solar contri­bu­tion from an energy perspec­tive. In the pursuit of opti­mal acoustic condi­tions, differ­ent acoustic condi­tions have been incor­po­rated into the archi­tec­tural design as part of the archi­tec­ture. A new main entrance, together with the exten­sion and remod­el­ing, provides a good flow in the daily use of the building.

EUC Nord 1 | Bjerg Arkitektur
EUC Nord 3 | Bjerg Arkitektur
EUC Nord 5 | Bjerg Arkitektur