Jonslun­den Børne­hus (daycare)





Slagelse Kommune

Jonslunden is a sustainable, age-integrated daycare center for 120 children (0-6 years) with a gross floor area of approximately 1,080 m² and a plot of 5,490 m². In close collaboration with the users, we have developed an ambitious and innovative children's building.

The rooms and furnishings are designed so that the children have many different options for activities adapted to their stage of development. The flexible layout also accommodates the needs of the employees and presence between children and adults.

Jonslunden Børnehus (daycare) 1 | Bjerg Arkitektur

Safe and educa­tional environment

Jonslun­den’s focus on the impor­tance of the body, nature, sustain­abil­ity and commu­ni­ties is reflected in the design of the phys­i­cal and aesthetic spaces. This means that, from both a child’s and an adult’s perspec­tive, there is clar­ity in what you can do where.
The learn­ing envi­ron­ments contain a vari­ety that together create a

coher­ent func­tional and aesthetic over­all impres­sion. Indoors,
the house forms the frame­work for a healthy indoor climate with daylight and outdoors
invites play areas and nature for learn­ing and play.

Jonslunden Børnehus (daycare) 3 | Bjerg Arkitektur
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