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As architects, a great responsibility comes with designing schools. The physical framework for teaching is crucial for students' learning and well-being. And we take that responsibility seriously – as with the renovation, conversion and extension of Hjørring Gymnasium.

From 2012, BJERG has been the total consultant on the project over several stages. The goal has always been a modernization and energy optimization of the school's buildings. The conversions and extensions are built according to the passive house standard.

Throughout the project, there has been close user involvement with the involvement of both teachers, administrative staff and students. The user group presented their wishes and needs during a review of the building and then the design studio prepared ideas and sketches, with subsequent adjustments according to the user group's wishes and needs.

Hjørring Gymnasium 1 | Bjerg Arkitektur

Reno­va­tion, conver­sion and exten­sion of Hjør­ring Gymna­sium involved:

  • New presentable main entrance and foyer area.
  • New rooms for the creative subjects such as music rooms and drama room.
  • A new large auditorium.
  • Multi­me­dia laboratory.
  • Party hall.
  • Reno­vated sports halls and chang­ing facilities.
Hjørring Gymnasium 3 | Bjerg Arkitektur
Hjørring Gymnasium 5 | Bjerg Arkitektur


Both the reno­va­tion and exten­sions are designed based on the prin­ci­ples of passive house construc­tion, which means that the gymna­si­ums
energy consump­tion is reduced consid­er­ably. This is due, among other things, to a well-insu­lated climate screen, wooden cladding and the large window sections.
The narrow hori­zon­tal wooden panels create a harmo­nious and modern look, and glass sections signal open­ness and make every­day life visi­ble
at the school.

Hjørring Gymnasium 7 | Bjerg Arkitektur


By reno­vat­ing and rebuild­ing Hjør­ring Gymna­sium,
we have created modern,
opti­mal educa­tional frame­works with a
healthy indoor climate with vari­ous measures. This includes, among other things:

  • Large energy-effi­cient window sections that provide lots of daylight and opens the build­ing to the outdoors.
  • Mechan­i­cal venti­la­tion system that constantly provides fresh air.
  • Highly insu­lated walls that ensure a good indoor climate.
  • Differ­ent learn­ing zones where it is possi­ble to sepa­rate noisy and less noisy activities.
  • Healthy and natural mate­ri­als – e.g. linoleum and wood.
  • Open and bright rooms with good acoustics.
Hjørring Gymnasium 9 | Bjerg Arkitektur
Hjørring Gymnasium 11 | Bjerg Arkitektur
Hjørring Gymnasium 13 | Bjerg Arkitektur

“The frame­work for teach­ing
is just as impor­tant as
the qual­ity of teach­ing.
We see it as our noblest
task to develop
healthy learn­ing envi­ron­ments
where both students and teach­ers

Mark Krebs, architect 

The music extension with new main entrance, music and drama facilities, as well as service facilities and auditorium etc. has been awarded the Hjørring Municipality Architecture Award 2014. The justification was:

"A successful extension which ties the high school's existing buildings together nicely and forms a new welcoming facade and entrance. A sympathetic and harmonious extension that has been thoroughly worked out functionally and aesthetically. The extension stands out with good material effect and with many fine details.”

Hjørring Gymnasium 15 | Bjerg Arkitektur
Hjørring Gymnasium 17 | Bjerg Arkitektur

Hjørring Gymnasium 19 | Bjerg Arkitektur